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Hallo, I'm Giusy aka Giusypatch from Italy, I really really love to play with fabric, create purse, bags, and a lot of sewing things, I also have a passion for cross stitch and quilting since I was a child, I designed Cross Stich pattern under the name of Giusypatch Original Designs.
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crazy Bag

Last month I show you this Crazy Block thinking to make a pillow. Yesterday night (I work since 2:00 am), after I visited Jo's Blog
No Matter Where I go...I ALWAYS Meet Myself There!: CQ Origami pouch, I did this bag! I love it. This afternoon I go for shopping, and find the perfect handles to finish the handbag.



Sunday, January 21, 2007

Playing with Tonya's letters

Wow.... thanks to Tonya for had shared those beautiful letters, this afternoon I enjoyed to play with and did my name :-)


Ok, I do have enought fabric... Yesterday eve I sorted all the large pieces, I do a lot of mess as you can see in the picture.

I can't imagine how much fabric I find into the closet! Some fabric are from 1997 to 2001 collection, and I still love them. I realized that those dated quilt cotton was better than other I bought recently. Fabric as "The Kessler collection from Andover" fabric were very soft and don't slip... The calicos designs were beautiful. So, I need to ask to you if you buy fabric from Sales on the net, each about $3.99 or if this don't worth... Where to find quality and cheap fabric? Is it really possible? I'm not so sure now....

I ordered those but at the touch seems they slip and even if it is 100% cotton, seems it isn't. I have to wash them and see what happens?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

String Star and Heartstring block

You've to know that when I find a pattern that I like so much, I HAVE to try to do it myself.... When I saw this quilt at the Lucy's blog I can't resist to try it. So, hope Lucy don't mind about it, but this morning I do math, cut and made a test block... This is the result, and I really love it!

And this is the Heartstring block to celebrate Nancy's Birthday!! If you would like to partecipate in donate your heartsting block for her locally carity, please visit Nancy Blog at

and here is the post about Heartsting block: nancyquilts: Please help me celebrate my birthday

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Would you a cup of coffe??

I coudn't resist! I saw and bought immediately those cups today.... so, if you come here in Trieste, you'll be welcome to join me to drink a cup of espresso! :-))

Bento progress

Trieste... where I live

Today it's cloudy... but I took some pics of my city, Trieste, north Italy, and hope you enjoy to look at them.


Front of the sea, it's this bronze statue in honor to the bersaglieres. The Ladies are patientely sewing and waiting theire husband back home.