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Hallo, I'm Giusy aka Giusypatch from Italy, I really really love to play with fabric, create purse, bags, and a lot of sewing things, I also have a passion for cross stitch and quilting since I was a child, I designed Cross Stich pattern under the name of Giusypatch Original Designs.
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Last but not least for this night...

more block from Bento Box Project...


Crazy Patch

Do you know, I love Crazy Patch as well... this is a block made 2 years ago, I think it could be a pillow...

Bento Box - 1st block

the first 4 block....


And the Winner is... part 2 - the Cup

As a winner of the Quilt contest, they give me a trophy... It is now showed in my living room! I put in some pincushion received for Xmas from a quilting friend... isn't it lovely??

And the winner is....

This is my newest quilt called "Verità Nascoste" (Hidden Truth) finished in time to be in at the Regional Quilt Contest here in Trieste (Italy) held from December 16 to 18 2006. I was trilled and the happiest quilter of the world when one of the judges called and told me that I won the 3rd Prize!!
It was the first contest I have ever partecipate, so you could imagine how proud and happy I am!
:-)) So, enjoy the picture, and if you click on the link, you could see all the 53 quilt that enter the contest. Cheers and happy new year!